Monash University Decision Support Systems Laboratory

The Monash Decision Support Systems Laboratory is a research group of the Faculty of Information Technology.

"Decision support systems (DSS) is the area of the information systems (IS) discipline that is focused on supporting and improving managerial decision-making. Essentially, DSS is about developing and deploying IT-based systems to support decision processes."

(Arnott & Pervan, 2008).

In professional practice the field currently covers the areas of personal decision support, enterprise reporting, online analytical processing, data warehousing, business intelligence, data visualisation and business analytics. These are some of the hottest areas in commercial IT in terms of investment dollars, organisational impact, and labour market demand.

The DSS Lab was formed in 1993 to advance knowledge and practice related to the use of IT-based information systems by managers. The "DSS Lab" name arose because the researchers originally gathered around the development of an observation laboratory that is still in operation.

The Monash DSS Lab is the largest concentration of decision support, data warehousing and business intelligence researchers in the Asia Pacific region.

The Lab has a close relationship with BI vendors, consultants, and users. The Lab conducts a range of professional education programs and teaches the very popular business intelligence set of subjects in Monash's coursework Masters degrees.


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