Available Research Options

Research training is available in the following programs:

  • Master of Business Information Systems
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Philosophy


Program Length Entry* Size of research component
Master of Business Information Systems 2 years full time Bachelor degree, with HD average in MBIS coursework units 18 credit points (plus 6 points of research training)
Master of Philosophy 1 year full time Relevant bachelor honours degree with 1st class honours 48 credit points
PhD 3 years full time Relevant bachelor honours degree with 1st class honours 144 credit points

Note that the DSS Lab research student entry requirements are higher than the requirements for other parts of the Faculty of Information Technology. Places for research students in the Lab are limited. Only students with the equivalent of an Australian first class honours degree, or who are on track to achieving first class honours, are admitted to the program. Research students must study in one of the Lab’s project areas. Prospective students should in the first instance contact one of the Lab’s core researchers (David Arnott, Joze Kuzic, Robert Meredith, Peter O’Donnell, Caddie Gao). They should workshop their proposed study area with this researcher. Once the Lab core researcher is happy with the proposal they will approach the Lab Director for approval of the research program. For prospective MPhil and PhD students, the student is also required to present their proposed program to a meeting of all the Lab’s researchers before acceptance.

Coursework in Research Programs

Unless they have previously studied the graduate BI units, research students should “sit in” FIT5094 and FIT5195.